PA Draft Horse and Mule Association
Welcome to the Pennsylvania Draft Horse and Mule Association
We strive to promote all facets and interests of the draft horse and mule industry in Pennsylvania.

For years, draft horses and mules were instrumental in the transportation of goods and
the farming of crops.  With the innovation of gasoline-powered equipment, the number
of draft animals dropped rapidly; almost to extinction.

Fortunately, draft horse enthusiasts have reversed this trend.  Currently, the draft horse
and mule industry has experienced dramatic growth in popularity.

Members of the Pennsylvania Draft Horse & Mule Association have several different breeds
including: Belgians, Clydesdales, Percherons, Shires, Suffolks, Spotted Drafts and Draft Mules.
Just a few photos below to show you how the draft
horses can be and are used in todays world.
On the left, a 6 horse hitch of
Belgian draft horses. Used
here at a draft horse show in
Harrisburg Pa.
Most draft horse shows hitch
from a single cart mare or
Team Hitch in Mens and
Ladies, Unicorn Hitch, 4 Horse
Hitch, 6 Horse Hitch and 8
Horse Hitch.
On right, a team hitch of
Belgians plowing a field to
get ready for seeding new
crops. Still today, draft
horses are used in
everyday farming in
Lancaster and surrounding
areas by the Amish.
Those of us that own draft
horses for pleasure also
enjoy a day working the
soil. This can be attended
at many locations in PA.
Mules are also used for
showing and farming.
Draft horses are also used in commercial business such as hay rides,
weddings, birthday parties, country rides, Christmas events, funerals and
The PA Draft Horse and Mule Association also hold events called Ride and Drives. A
location is picked to hold the drives, which last a few hours followed by a meal.
Draft horses are also used in pulling competitions.  A team of horses is hitched to a sled
with weights and pulled 27 feet 6 inches for a full pull.  The team that pulls the heaviest
weight wins the event.
Draft horses are still being used to log out woodlands.
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